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Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic 

pregnancy back painWe have postgraduate training in Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic.  The American Pregnancy Association reports that up to 70% of pregnant women experience low back pain.  This is due to the added weight and postural changes that occur as a pregnancy progresses.  Chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe for both the mother and child as well extremely beneficial for reducing the mother’s discomfort.  Put your trust in chiropractors that are trained in the specific methods for adjusting pregnant women.

DSC_0494In addition to providing the mother with pain relief we employ techniques that are beneficial in preventing breech presentations and episiotomies and reducing pregnancy induced acid reflux.In addition to Chiropractic care during a pregnancy it is beneficial for all newborns to have a Chiropractic exam.  The birth process is very stressful on the tender musculature and skeletal structure of the infant’s head and neck.  We can help many conditions that an infant may suffer from including; colic, constipation, flattened skull, abnormal sucking patterns, and problems latching on for breastfeeding.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

TCM is the collection of healing systems including; Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Moxibustion, Cupping, and Chinese Massage.


clear needlesAcupuncture refers to the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body which are traditionally known to regulate the flow of energy (Qi = “Chee”). Acupuncture is rarely painful; rather it is relaxing and provides a sense of renewed energy and well-being. The goal of Acupuncture is to restore the normal the flow of energy in the meridians. When the normal flow of energy is attained, pain and other ailments are relieved and normal homeostasis is achieved.


Auriculotherapy, or ear acupuncture, is the electrical stimulation of points on the ear. Because the external ear connects to every part of the body through a “microsystem”, a wide variety of health problems are relieved by auriculotherapy. The most commonly reported uses of auriculotherapy have been for the control of chronic pain, detoxification from addictive drugs, relief of nausea, and reduction of hypertension. We use auriculotherapy as the basis of our “Smoke-Free Program” where through the combination of acupuncture and nutrition we help patients overcome their addiction to smoking with results in one session!

Herbal Medicine

herbsHerbal Medicine is the oldest form of Chinese Medicine.  Chinese herbs are extremely quick and effective at correcting imbalances in the organ systems and riding the body of pathogenic invasions.  Chinese herbs are commonly administered as capsules, tablets, or liquid extracts.


Moxibustion is the application of heat to a specific acupuncture point or areas of the body.  A smoldering bit of compacted herbs provides the heat source. Moxibustion may be used by itself, but is most commonly used in addition to acupuncture for “cold conditions”, which manifests as chronic disease.


cuppingCupping is the application of glass suction cups to specific areas of the body. It is mainly used for conditions that are associated with “stagnation” which manifests as chronic pain. A vacuum is created on the patient’s skin to dispel stagnant blood and lymph, thereby improving the flow of Qi to treat respiratory diseases such as the common cold, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Cupping is also used on neck, shoulder, back and other musculoskeletal conditions.


Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage, called Tui-Na (“Twe-Nah”), uses a number of techniques which are utilized to release tightness in tissues, stimulate specific acupuncture points or areas of the body, and facilitate the flow of energy.

Nutritional Counseling

SaladWe offer counseling on everything from meal planning to vitamin and mineral supplementation.  If you are looking to dramatically change your health, know we are trained practitioners for SHAPE ReClaimed.  SHAPE is a safe, effective nanomolecular dietary supplement created to decrease total body inflammation, enhance immune function, detox and cleanse–all while reducing excess weight. We experience amazing results with this health restoration program.  Even Drs. Lauren and Jason Ameling used SHAPE personally with great success! For more information or recipes please visit

Physical Therapy

e stimMany times a patient delays seeking care which gives the surrounding muscles and tissues time to become tight and irritated.  Physical therapy helps to reduce this secondary issue and is used in conjunction with the Chiropractic adjustment.  Some of the forms of Physical Therapy that we use in office are; ultrasound, electrical stimulation, traction, ice, heat, and therapeutic exercise.



Most people are familiar with the idea of an athlete “rehabbing” a knee or other body part after sustaining an injury but rehabilitation is useful for more than just sports injuries.  Rehabilitation addresses muscular imbalances in the body which are responsible for irritating and inducing painful postural changes.  It is often found that weak core musculature is the reason for pain in the shoulders, back, pelvis, and other areas.  By retraining the muscles of the core, normal posture returns and abnormal stress on the body is removed.




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