Overcoming Success Suicide

The last few books I’ve read talked about success suicide.  This is “the thing” that jumps up and distracts you when you are on the brink of success.  It is your response to this distraction that determines your success in the future.  The issue I have with this is distractions happen all the time!  The difference between being a “black cloud” and eternally optimistic is your expectations and your response to unforeseen events. People with a positive outlook on life know that things are going to go wrong but the trick is they “fail faster”. They don’t waste time dwelling on what went wrong; they deal with it and move on. We’ve had our share of success suicide this year already, mostly weather related, but still distracting from our goals.  We’re trying to remind ourselves that we’re overcoming all of our roadblocks early in the year so there’s only room for improvement. So here’s to January being over and to happy, healthy, safe, and warm rest of the year.

Dr. Lauren

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